Synthesis services

Our synthetic services are focused on the preparation of polymers relevant to pharmaceutical applications, such as functionalized PEGs, PEG-block-copolymers, polyimines, hyperbranched polyglycerols, and other hydrophilic or amphiphilic polymers. Moreover, we can synthesize multimers of your small or large molecule using our own multimerization technologies (see Methods and technologies).

Rotary evaporator
Rotary evaporator

Our synthesis services comprise:

  • Route finding for the synthesis of polymers and small molecules
  • Synthesis and purification
  • Process development and optimization
  • Preparation of high quality test batches (gram scale)
  • Scale-up
  • Comprehensive analytical characterization
  • Manufacturing (kilo lab) non-GMP or according GMP.

Due to our long-standing and extensive experience in organic synthesis, requests for multistep syntheses of small molecules are also welcome.

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Dr. Sophie Janke
Head of Synthesis

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