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Biosynth GmbH is a privately owned company, established in 2003, and a recognized leader in the field of bioconjugation/half-life extension by chemical modification and the synthesis of polymers for drug delivery. The company provides high-quality customized services, including feasibility studies, up-scaling and process development, as well as the development and validation of required analytical methods. Biosynth GmbH also offers pilot GMP production of bioconjugates and functionalized polymers used as excipients in drug formulation. Moreover, Biosynth GmbH has developed innovative technologies, including multiplexing technologies that allow the construction of homo- (celaSTAR) and heteromultimeric (PaSmax®) conjugates and biologics, and celaCLICK, a surface coating technology.

Our team
Our team
The founders
The founders

Our clients are big and medium sized pharmaceutical companies, but also innovative biotech companies, biosimilar developers and diagnostic companies from all over the world. Flexibility, know-how, and outside-of-the-box thinking enables us to appropriately address clients needs related to the application of their particular drug or biomolecule. Biosynth GmbH combines decades of chemical and biotechnological experience within the company and offers customers the possibility to acquire forward-looking technologies at a reasonable price. The optimization of polymer based conjugations and formulations as well as manufacturing processes of your drug compound is part of our contract development. Based on long-term experience and excellent scientific know-how, celares accelerates customers’ development programs.

In order to continue our success story and to expand the range of services for our customers, we became part of the Biosynth Group Limited. Thus we became part of a group of companies whose aim is to provide their customers with all critical materials and services. Under the umbrella of the Biosynth Group Limited, we will continue to be customer-focused and passionate about serving our customers in the life science industry.


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