Bioconjugation capabilities and equipment

We have the capability to develop and perform bioconjugation processes from µg to multi gram scale. All equipment is state-of-the art and subject to regular maintenance, qualification and / or calibration.

Sarorius tangential flow filtration system
Sartorius tangential flow filtration system

Our laboratories are equipped with:

  • Temperature controlled reaction / stirring block for operating volumes between 250 and 1000 µL
  • Double jacketed reactors for operating volumes between 25 mL and 50 L
  • Äkta chromatography systems for flow rates between 10 – 150 mL/min and equipped with UV, conductivity and pH detectors (Äkta basic, Äkta purifier, Äkta pure)
  • Sartorius tangential-flow systems for the operation of 50 cm2 and up to 1 m2 membrane area (Benchtop 200, Smart, Pilot)
  • Christ freeze dryers (lab and pilot system)
  • Laminar air flow systems
  • Manufacturing suite cleanroom class D / ISO 8 (with UDAF system for final filtration)
  • Qualified and monitored storage facilities
  • Qualified analytical equipment for the analysis and characterization of bioconjugates

If your bioconjugation project needs equipment that is not listed above, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we will determine how we can support you.

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