Bioconjugation processes and techniques

The manufacture of bioconjugates comprises several steps, starting with the parent molecule and ending with the final purified bioconjugate. As the modification of a biomolecule often changes the biomolecule’s physico-chemical properties, specific purification strategies and materials need to be developed individually for each bioconjugate. Furthermore, some biomolecules need an activation step prior to conjugation.

Preparing the Äkta
Preparing the Äkta

Biosynth GmbH has gained comprehensive know-how in all process steps by virtue of more than 100 successfully developed manufacturing processes. We can develop and apply the following processes:

  • Activation of capped thiol-groups
  • Reduction and re-folding (oxidation) of disulfide-bridged proteins and peptides
  • Conjugation chemistries (selection)
    • Reductive amination
    • Activated esters or carbonates
    • Thiol reactive groups
    • Click chemistry
    • Enzymatic conjugation
  • Size-exclusion, reversed phase, and ion-exchange chromatography
  • Affinity chromatography
  • Tangential-flow filtration / ultrafiltration

If the process that you are looking for is not listed above, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we will determine how we can support you.

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