The comprehensive characterization of large molecules, such as artificial polymers, biomolecules, and bioconjugates, is essential for any quality-demanding application (e.g., as pharmaceuticals or as excipients in drug formulations) and requires specific analytical methods tailored to the analytical question.

Analytical samples

Celares has a recognized team of experts for the analytical characterization of complex large molecules. We offer several customized solutions for your analytical requirements on qualified state-of-the-art analytical equipment. This includes the development, qualification and validation of analytical methods. Our particular focus is the characterization of biologics and conjugate biologics, as well as synthetic polymers, e.g., hyperbranched and block-co-polymers. Of course, we are open to discuss your needs in analytics, even if these lay beyond our core expertise.

Capabilities and equipment

Celares has qualified state-of-the-art analytical equipment for the comprehensive analysis and characterization of bioconjugates and complex polymers.

Methods and assays

Celares has established a comprehensive set of analytical methods for the characterization of bioconjugates and chemical polymers.

Analytical services

Celares provides services for characterization and potency testing of both bioconjugates and polymers, as well as analyses of compounds in biological samples.

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