Analytical capabilities and equipment

Biosynth GmbH has qualified state-of-the-art analytical equipment, e.g., from Bruker, Waters, Agilent, PSS, Mettler-Toledo, Knauer, and Tecan, for the comprehensive analysis and characterization of bioconjugates and complex polymers. Our focus is the structural and physico-chemical characterization of pharmaceutical products and excipients as well as impurities.

GMP-qualified Acquity

Our in-house analytical equipment comprise, among others:


  • Several HPLC systems equipped with PDA and ELSD or CAD
  • GPC (SEC)


  • UV/VIS-Photometer
  • 96-Well plate reader
  • Fluorometer

Molecular weight determination

  • microflex MALDI-ToF-MS
  • NuPage electrophorese and blotting units


  • Freeze point osmometer
  • pH-meter/conductometer
  • Karl-Fischer titrator

In addition to our own equipment, we have established access to several high-end systems for structural characterization. Furthermore, we have GMP certified partners for NMR spectra and for routine testing of particulate matters, bioburden, residual solvents, and heavy metals.

Please contact us for your particular analytical question.

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