Bioconjugation is the covalent chemical connection between a biomolecule, i.e. a protein, a peptide or an oligonucleotide, and another, typically a synthetic, molecule. Well-known examples of bioconjugates are conjugate vaccines (e.g., Prevnar 13®), PEGylated biologics (e.g., Neulasta®) or antibody drug conjugates (ADCs, e.g., Kadcyla®).

Modification of biologics with polymers/PEGs or small molecule drugs requires extensive experience in chemistry and a sound understanding of the particular biologic. Biosynth GmbH has a proved track record in the development of bioconjugates. We are familiar with all varieties of bioconjugation methods, including PEGylation and glycoconjugation, as well as with small molecule or peptide coupling. Our services are offered at any stage of a bioconjugate development ranging from first feasibility studies through process and analytical method development, to the manufacturing of investigational medicinal products for first-in-man studies.

You can count on our decades of experience in bioconjugation. Find more details about our capabilities and services here:

Capabilities and equipment

We have the capability to develop and perform bioconjugation processes from µg to multi gram scale while using state-of-the art equipment.

Processes and techniques

Comprehensive know-how in all process steps by virtue of more than 100 successfully developed manufacturing processes for bioconjugates.

Service modules

Our services range from early development to the manufacture of an investigational medicinal product (IMP) / drug substance for first clinical trials in human.

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