Customized Conjugation Solutions

celares is a CDMO focused on the development and manufacturing of polymer based drug delivery excipients and bioconjugate drugs.


Celares GmbH now part of Biosynth® Group Limited

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Bioconjugate drugs

Biosynth GmbH offers the development of production processes for bioconjugates both for new drugs and biosimilars. We have particular expertise in the development of PEGylated biomolecules such as proteins, peptides, or nucleic acids as well as antibody-drug conjugates.

Conjugate vaccines

Biosynth GmbH is capable of developing and manufacturing conjugate vaccines with polysaccharides or peptides for first in man studies.

Polymers for drug delivery

Biosynth GmbH develops and manufactures block-copolymers, hyperbranched polymers or glycerols for use as pharmaceutical excipients and innovative drug delivery systems.

Activated PEGs

We offer the development, synthesis and GMP manufacturing of tailor-made activated polyethylene glycol based linkers, cross-linkers or PEGylation reagents.

Multimerization technologies

Our service philosophy is not restricted to known and published approaches. Beyond that, we have developed novel technologies in the area of molecule multiplexing that we offer to our customers.

Why choose Biosynth GmbH?

on all levels

Biosynth GmbH uniquely combines analytical, biochemical and chemical expertise to meet the particular challenges associated with bioconjugation and polymer synthesis

Proven track record

Proven track record of more than 75 successful projects on process developments (incl. a market product) for the manufacturing of bioconjugates and activated polymers

Extensive experience

Extensive experience in the development of analytical methods and manufacturing processes related to bioconjugates, hyperbranched polymers, and activated PEGs

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