Manufacturing services

We offer several different manufacturing services for high quality-requirement / high purity compounds, such as pharmaceuticals, excipients or reagents for diagnostics. Our services are tailored to customers needs.

Uniformly filled plugs
Uniformly filled plugs

We offer GMP manufacturing of APIs according to EU GMP guidelines, regardless of whether the API is a small-molecule, a synthetic polymer or a complex bioconjugate. Moreover, we offer release testing of drug substances and drug products – including from outside manufacturers. In addition to our manufacturing services, we provide the high-throughput production of plugs carrying defined small amounts of reagents. Such reagent plugs (containers) are suitable for diagnostic or lab-on-a-chip purposes.

Our manufacturing services comprise:

  • Manufacturing of polymers and small molecules (non-GMP as well as GMP)
  • Manufacturing of bioconjugates (non-GMP as well as GMP)
  • Release testing of drug substances according to GMP
  • Production of plugs (reagent container arranged in well-plate format) for diagnostic purposes and other small-volume applications.

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