Available analytical methods

Biosynth GmbH has established a comprehensive set of analytical methods for the characterization of bioconjugates and chemical polymers that are used as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) or excipients in pharmaceutical preparations.

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Our currently available methods include:

Product characterization
Absolute MW,
polymer : protein ratio
MW, PDI, purity, contentSEC-RI / GPC-RI
Absolute MW, degree of modificationMALDI-ToF-MS, LC-ESI-MS
Structural integrityNMR
Potency, enzymatic activityColorimetric assays, UV-VIS methods in well-plate format
Identity, PTMs, PEGylation sitesLC-MS-based peptide mapping

Extinction coefficientAmino acid analysis
Content and concentrationUV/VIS spectroscopy, BCA assay, chromatographic methods
Terminal activityRP-HPLC
Product related impurities / degradation products

Purity, Identity, structural integrity
SDS-PAGE followed by
– Coomassie staining
– Titrisol staining
– Western-Blotting


Purity, impurity profileSE-LC & HPLC, UPLC
Isoforms, oxidated / deaminated species, aggregatesUPLC/HPLC in combination with RP, SEC or IEX methodology
Process related impurities or additives
CyanideColorimetric assay
PEGRP-UPLC/HPLC with ELS or CA detection
Polymers in protein solutionsSE-UPLC-ELSD, RP-UPLC-ELSD

Polysorbate 20 / 80RP-HPLC-ELSD or CAD

Bioanalytics (in biological samples)
Anti-drug antibodiesELISA / Western blotting

Amino acid levelsRP-HPLC with pre-column derivatization

Bioconjugate levelELISA, HPLC

Degradation productsWestern blotting, HPLC
General and generic methods
Conductivity and pHConductometry, potentiometry
OsmolalityFreeze point osmometry
Appearance, color, clarityVisual inspection
Water contentKarl-Fischer titration

Biosynth GmbH is constantly extending its analytical methods portfolio. If your analytical need is not listed above, we are happy to develop a new method specifically for your purpose.

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